Takumi Sushi Bar

Sushi is a reflection of Japan's tradition of service, its aesthetic and its cuisine.

Have you ever been to a sushi bar where you contemplated picking on premium plates like scallop or salmon sushi, because you think it's too pricey and you don't want to blow your budget just for dinner? If your answer is yes, I have something just right for you.

Normally, when I go to a sushi bar, I wanted to have more varieties and I want to have eel, salmon and scallop, but I always contemplate to pick too many of those plates, because I feel it's too pricey to pay $5.00 for just 2 pieces of sushi. But this contemplation was long gone when I found Takumi Sushi Bar inside Market City (Haymarket).

All the sushi and side dishes in this sushi bar only cost $3.00.
$2.50 if you have market city parking ticket or student ID.
They have good varieties of selection here, service is very fast, but you might need to wait for a while to get a seat. Today we waited for almost half an hour but that's because there were 4 of us and we wanted a table instead of sitting at the bar.Usually you can get a seat reasonably quick for 2 people.

One thing to be aware of is they do cut the amount of rice, not sure if it's to cut cost or they just want people to eat more. This works for me cause the sushi rice fill me up very quickly, so less rice means I can eat more.  

Some of my favourites are:  
The Grilled Scallop and Salmon sushi (where they use a blow torch to caramalise the top of the scallop/salmon, absolutely love the smoked flavour and the scallop is so fresh), Soft Shell Crab (where else can you find a $3.00 soft shell crab?), Eel and Egg sushi and the Chicken Karrage.

Today, we ate an average of 10 plates per person. To make sure we get the best value of our $3, most of the sushi we ordered are definitely the premium ones =p
(as you can see from the photos above)

Level 3, Shop R3.02, 9-13 Quay St (Market City)

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