So why "Mydatewithfood"?

So why call my blog "Mydatewithfood" instead of any other name? It took me a while to decide on the name of my blog. I wanted the name to have a relation to food and how I feel about it. Names like "My food Obsession", "My Food Diary" and "My food memoirs" flashes through my mind, but none of it really express how I feel about food. So what should I name my blog?

Then I thought, what do I feel everytime I try new restaurant????
Date. Yes it feels like a "Date" to me.

People is usually very excited about their first date, the anxiety of the unknown with a touch of excitement ringing through the head, that is EXACTLY how I feel when I'm planning to try on a new place!

It's just like how people is curious how their first date is going to turn out. I'm curious how the place looks like? What is on their menu? What kind of music they are going to play, How does their food taste like? And finally, will I enjoy my dining there?

And   if I like my first experience I will most probably go back for the second time, and if I dont like my first date, I will most probably not go back again.

So, this is how "Mydatewithfood" got its name!