Chilli Tomato Pasta Recipe

I finally made it back to Mydatewithfood!

Hi all, it feels like it's been ages since I last updated Mydatewithfood.  When you are away for too long, people will start asking you questions like: "How come you never update your blog anymore?", "What happened to your blog?" or "When are you going to update your blog again?". Ok, let me take this opportunity to answer your questions...First, it's because I was away overseas for three and a half weeks, then after I came back I was busy running errands for my parents.
And lucky for me, things are slowing down and I thought to myself...since I'll be 'home alone' today, why not update mydatewithfood (because my husband is out for his company Christmas party). So, I've is the day to start updating my blog again =)

So...why did I post this pasta recipe on my come back? It's because me and my friends are planning for a Chirstmas trip out of Sydney next month and I will be in charge of preparing pasta for our dinner, while my blog buddy (Sydney Indulgence) will be in charge of desserts.

I originally made this pasta specially for my husband...because he loves his Asian food. So, I always try to add an asian touch whenever I cook western food. So is this recipe an Italian recipe with Asian influence or it's an Asian recipe with Italian influence? I'm not sure myself...I guess it works either way. To make sure that my friends could accept this Half Italian Half Asian pasta, I decided to post it up on my blog so they can use their imaginary taste bud and see if their stomach could digest this humble creation of mine.

Chilli Tomato Pasta Recipe

There are actually 3 parts that u need to prepare in the recipe, it might looks like a long process, but trust me... it's really easy:
1) The chilli tomato paste
2) Preparing the sauce for pasta
3) Fried egg - sunny side up

Measurement below is approximately for 4 servings.

Chilli Tomato Paste Ingredients:
- 12 big red chillies
- 2 fresh tomatoes (sliced)
- 4 Garlic cloves (half for chilli paste and half for cooking)

Pasta Sauce/cooking Ingredients:
- 2 fresh tomatoes (diced)
- 1 onion (diced/sliced)
- Fresh chives (chopped) - set aside some for garnishing   
  (when I cooked the pasta this time, I forgot to buy fresh chives so I substituted with dried chives)
- Button Mushroom (diced/sliced)
- Thickened cream ( I use less fat)
- For the meat and seafood I used minced chicken and Fish fillet
  (feel free to add any type of meat/seafood of your preference)
- Salt, black pepper, sugar
- Olive oil for cooking
- Chilli sauce Sambal abc (optional) - can be found in Asian grocery

- Your choice of pasta (cooked until al dente)

Fried Egg Ingredients:
- Fresh Eggs
- Oil for frying

1) Making the chilli tomato paste
- Blend the ingredients in blender then set aside

2) Cooking the sauce/ingredients:
- Heat up the wok/pan with olive oil
- Add in the chilli paste, stir until chilli is dry and fragrant
- Set a side

- Heat up the same wok/pan with olive oil (is okay if the wok/pan still has some chilli paste)
- Add in garlic, stir until fragrant
- Add in the onions, give it a quick stir
- Add in the minced chicken, stir until chicken is almost cooked, then add in fish fillet, give it a quick stir, add in fresh tomatoes, lightly stir until minced chick and fish are cooked
- Add in the chilli tomato paste, give it a stir
- Add in mushrooms and stir
- Add in some fresh chopped chives
- Add in sugar, salt and black pepper until u get your desired taste (you can add sambal abc now if u like)
- Once u r happy, add in the cream according to your taste, mix well.
- Served hot on top of  your choice of pasta

- You can cook your pasta (until al dente) while you are cooking the sauce/ingredients or you can cook it after you finished cooking the sauce/ingredients.

3) Fried Egg
- Prepare a sunny side up egg, MAKE SURE the yolk is still raw, then add it on top of the pasta, add some chopped chives.
- Mix them before eating it!
- Yummo!!!!