Petersham Charcoal Chicken & Honeymoon Patisserie, Petersham

“Grilling is like sunbathing. Everyone knows it is bad for you but no one ever stops doing it.” (Laurie Colwin-1988)

Yesterday, together with my blogger buddy ( and her husband, we went for a Flying Trapeze experience at Sydney Olympic Park. It was a gift from a friend.
To be honest, I will never thought of doing doing flying trapeze? is crazy!
It wasn't as scary as I thought but still crazy enough for me, what I really did enjoy was the feeling of flying. It was awesome!

Finally, something to make up my day was lunch! My friend asked if we want to join them for some Portugese chicken at Petersham. What a coincidence, the place they wanted to go was the place that my friend (MT) suggested me to try, The Petersham Charcoal Chicken. My husband and I absolutely love Oporto, so when MT said their chicken is much better than Oporto, I knew I had to try.

When we reached there, I could see people queueing in the shop, that's a good sign. The place look average, but I was surprised that they have a nicer dining area upstairs.

I have to admit the chicken is good! definitely better than Oporto, it's less salty and well grilled, but I do like the Oporto chilli better as their chilli is too garlicky, so what I'm going to do next time is, keep a bottle of Oporto chili at home and take away the chicken here. 

Portugese Charcoal Chicken (Whole $18.00, half $9.00)
Take away price is $13.50 for whole chicken

Complementary bread
Fried rice 
( sorry forgot to note down the price of the fried rice)

We ordered something else to try, the grilled cod fish. The garlic taste is really strong, lots of butter and quite salty too. I like their sliced potato chips, just something different.

Bacalhau a Casa (Grilled Cod fish with garlic and parsley sauce served with sliced potatoes) $23.00

Overall, I'm very happy with their grilled chicken. Will I come back?
Dine in - No.
Take away - Yes.

Next, is something sweet to complete my lunch. Honeymoon Pastisserie, that was recommended by MT too. Located just next to Petersham Charcoal chicken. Bought their Portugese egg tart home. They were absolutely beautiful! 

Portugese Egg Tart ($1.50)

With their signature burnt top, the pastry is quite flaky, but not very thin.
The custard egg is fluffy and with the right amount of sugar to taste the natural flavours. With an egg custard filling that melt in your mouth, how can I stop with just one? But too bad I only bought one for myself one for my husband.

Thank's MT for recommending me these two places!

Petersham Charcoal Chicken
98 New Canterbury Rd
Petersham NSW 2049
(02) 9560 2369

Honeymoon Patisserie
96 New Canterbury Rd 
Petersham NSW 2049
(02) 9564 2389

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