Bacco Pasticceria, Chifley Plaza Sydney

The first time I Had Bacco Pasticceria was on my husband's birthday few months ago. I decided to buy him varieties of cakes instead of just one big cake. I have to admit it was actually me who wanted to try them. I was totally out of control when going through the selection of cakes. I think I ended up buying six of them. Some of the cakes are abit too sweet for my liking, but quality is not a question in Bacco, the cakes are so rich in flavour and beautifully crafted. My favourite is the strawberry tart. It was perfect! The base is firm, the custard is light and not overly sweet, you can taste the eggy flavour of the custard very well too. I just love it so much.

So this afternoon when my friend told me she was going to Chifley for lunch, I get her to buy me a strawberry tart, and she recommended me one of her favourite there. I was too excited that I totally forgot to ask her what it is, my respond was just, "Yes please, just get me one of that too!" From what I remember she told me it has orange jelly in it. But I'm sure by looking at the picture, you will know it tastes really good. 

It was good from top to bottom. It has layer of cream, sponge cake, strawberry and jelly, texture is almost like tiramisu mix with jelly, taste is lightly sweeten with a touch of sourness. It's just so delightful and fresh. Absolutely love it!

Below are some of the cakes that I bought before.

(Left) Blueberry Macaron
(Bottom right) Tiramisu - this is really really sweet. You will only like it if you like your dessert really sweet.

The Chocolate Brownie is really rich.

The Triple Chocolate Mousse does melt in your mouth

If you are a dessert lover, please do make a trip to Bacco Pasticceria.
The cakes are just lovely!

I will surely go back again, as there just so many of them that I would like to try. 

Bacco Pasticceria
LG03, Chifley Plaza
2 Chifley Square
Sydney NSW 2000

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