Spinach and Corn Soup

If we are what we eat, with all the genetically modified and imitation foods we now eat, what the heck are we?" (Anonymous)

One of my friend asked me for a nutritious soup recipe, straight away this recipe came up to my mind. An optional ingredient in the recipe is to add in fried egg, my friend was astounded when I told her that, her response was,"Can you actually add fried egg in soup?" 
I answered her,"Of course, why not, it tastes really good too".

I used English Spinach for this recipe. Spinach is full of vitamin C and high in fibre too. This soup is good for children as it's full of nutrition.

You can use chicken drumstick or chicken bone or can even exclude them in this recipe. I just used chicken bone to prepare the broth.

Prepare Fried egg:
- Ingredients: 2 eggs (beaten) and oil
- Method: Just heat up the wok, add in oil, add in the beaten egg and stir fry until colour become golden.

Spinach and Corn Soup
- 2 corn on cob
- 1 or 2 bunch of english spinach
- 1 chicken bone (optional)
- Fried onions (for garnish)
- Deep Fried asian anchovies (ikan teri), you might not be able to find this in Australia, but you should be able to find the bigger one (ikan bilis) in asian groceries, or if you can't find one just opt out this ingredient.
-salt (according to taste)

-Boil water in a pan.
-Add in chicken drumstick/bone, simmer in low heat for at least half and hour. The longer you boil it the more tasty it is.
-Add in the corn, and simmer until corn soften.
-Add in the spinach and turn off the fire, the spinach should soften very fast, but if you are not going to serve the soup right away, make sure you add in the spinach just before you want to serve the soup, as we don't want to overcooked the spinach and we want to keep the nutrition of the spinach.
-Season with salt if you like.
-Serve the soup in a bowl, add the fried egg, garnish with fried onions and the fried anchovies.


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