Max Brenner Chocolate Bar


Once in a while I say, 'Go for it' and I eat chocolate" (Claudia Schiffer)

After a satisfying dinner at Ayam Goreng 99, we head to Max Brenner (Bondi Junction) to meet up with some friends and some sweet treats.

Max Brenner, the chocolate by the bald man is one of the best chocolate place in Sydney. I believe almost everyone that lives in Sydney have at least tried Max Brenner for once. Whether you have a sweet tooth or not, I think you should still give it a try. Max Brenner definitely took chocolate to a whole new level from merely a sweet candy to an experience, where you hang out with friends/familes, share some laughter and indulge chocolates. Afterall, I only see happy faces whenever I'm in there. I guess is true when they say chocolate makes you happy. 




Everytime I walked in there I feel like I'm in this wonderful world of chocolate and it took all the worries away. How I wish I could stomach everything on the menu.



My favourite gotta be their Belgium chocolate waffle, served with vanilla ice cream, strawberry and extra chocolate lick, of course there's an option of milk or dark chocolate to choose from. The waffle is rich in vanilla flavour with caramelized sugar coating on the outside. This is just so wonderful!



That evening, we were all happy and satisfied, not only because we enjoyed the chocolates but we had so much fun just getting together.



So when was the last time you sit down and have some good time with your friends/families? If you didn't know where to go before, now you know.

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