Minto Korean Restaurant, Eastwood

Yesterday, my friends and I went to Eastwood for Korean food. There are plenty of korean restaurants along Rowe Street in Eastwood, we picked Minto as we've been there once long time ago, so we decided to go back again.

When we walked in, I can see there's hot pot on almost every table, seems like it's their specialty there, so we agreed to have one too.

As for the entree, we ordered the seafood pancake to share, we found the pancake abit too thick.

Seafood Pancake (Traditional style pancake with seafood, vegetable and egg)  $13

 There are lots of different kinds of hot pot on the menu and we ordered the one that was recommended by the staff.

Beef Mushroom Jeongol 
( Spicy hot pot with shitake mushrooms, button mushrooms, king size oyster mushrooms, other seasonal mushrooms, sliced beef, vegetable, bean curds & Potato starch noodle)  $38

The bulgogi tasted pretty good, but we found there were so much more vegetables in comparison to the chicken/squid.

Chicken Bulgogi 
(grilled chicken and vegetable marinated in chilli sauce) $13

Squid Bulgogi 
(grilled squid and vegetable marinated in chilli sauce) $13

The Kimchi soup is spicy and more on the sour side, but the flavour is pretty rich.

 Kimchi Jigae
(kimchi soup sliced pork belly meat with bean curd)  $12

The potato noodle is known as cellophone noodles, which is a very famous traditional Korean noodle. The noodle is very chewy in texture. Of all the food that we ordered, I like the Japchae the best, the flavour and the aroma of the sesame is just nice.

Beef Japchae Bab
(Stir fried potato strach noodles with beef & vegetables)  $16

Complementary side dishes

Minto Korean Restaurant
112 Rowe Street
Eastwood 2122 NSW
(02) 9874 1822


  1. its 112 Rowe St actually and phone no is worng was 9874 1822^^

  2. Oops...Ive changed it.
    Thanks for letting me know =D