Isabella's, Randwick

I've been on a diet for two weeks and all I've lost is two weeks. (Totie Fields)
Isabella's is situated on the busy Alison road in Randwick. This is my third time to this restaurant. I have truly enjoyed my meal every time I went there (that's why I go back for more dates with Isabella's). The ambiance of the restaurant is really great, warm lighting, with lots of photos hanging around and there are big gold frame mirrors hanging along the wall which give an elegance touch to the restaurant.  
If you are looking for value, this is definitely a place where you can get best value for your money and food, the serving is generous considering is relatively inexpensive. The service was really good, the staffs are friendly and attentive.

Me and my husband ordered an entree (The Scallop Salad) to share. If I'm not mistaken there were 4 or 5 big size scallops inside, the flavour of the marination is really tasteful.

Scallop Salad
(Pan-seared scallops with rockets, goat's cheese, avocado, pine nuts, cherry tomato & Balsamic dressing)  $ 14.00

My husband ordered the Rib Eye Steak, which is pretty decent too, not the best steak but good enough for a small restaurant like this, the meat is juicy and the red wine sauce served well with the steak. The steak comes with mash potato too, which according to my husband, is the best mash potato he had so far, he likes it because is not too buttery and it's creamy enough.

Rib Eye Steak 600gm (Grilled Rib Eye Steak, potatoes, grilled mushroom, sauted green vegetables, red wine sauce)  $ 29.00

Now...the star of the date is my "Linguini with Chorizo & Prawn". 
When I had my first mouth, my taste bud was clearly cheering inside. Even my husband couldn't keep his fork away from my linguini. The combination of the cream, tomato sauce and the herbs are just perfect for me, the prawn is crunchy, the chorizo is not too salty and everything just goes very well together.
 Linguini with Chorizo & Prawn (with smoked paprika, garlic and mushroom in a light cream and tomato sauce on linguini)  $ 24.50

Overall, this is the best dish I've had in Isabella's so far.
I almost lick my plate by the end of it. And did i mention the serving is huge!

Shop 2, 183 Alison Road
Randwick 2031
(02) 9314 7399

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  1. I have been to Isabella's on many occasions......and I start with a WARNING! If you require or expect good service do NOT go to this restaurant. Isabella's is run by amateurs who have no idea and that includes the owner/manager. Only the gourmet chef is worthy of any praise.
    Happy hour before 7pm is the best time to go. Great pastas and pizzas for just $8.50 (July 2011).
    But expect any or all of the following to occur:
    -kitchen running out of potatoes (mash) and serving chips instead without first checking if this was acceptable to you or offering an apology
    -being told by the owner/manager that you are WRONG when he is nowhere to be found when you want to complain about the unrequested alteration to your meal
    -pizzas running out before 7pm (unbelievable)
    -forgetting to come back to get the alternative order for the pizza that was not available
    -subsequently being charged for the pizza they couldn't provide
    -coming around 3 times with meals that are not yours
    -serving food without bringing cutlery
    -serving a pizza with garnishes when it was specifically ordered with none!
    -asking for a larger portion of pasta and your partner getting it instead
    -not being offered Parmesan cheese with your pasta and instead having to ask for it
    -forgetting to bring the water to the table
    -not refilling the obvious empty water bottle
    -charging $2.50pp for corkage but not opening your bottle or pouring any wine for you
    -having a bottle of wine on the table but not given any wine glasses
    -seeing completely different waiters every time you go there
    -No matter how many times you return, don't expect the owner/manager to remember, greet or acknowledge you for your patronage
    Despite all of the above complaints the food is quite good and cheap during happy hour but that is the ONLY reason we go back there. Its a bit like Faulty Towers.
    Your could say nice and cheap but definitely not cheerful.