Katsura Japanese Restaurant, Neutral Bay


 “I eat merely to put food out of my mind.” (N.F. Simpson)

Katsura Japanese restaurant located at Neutral Bay. There are two sections in this restaurant, on the left side is for Yakiniku (Japanese BBQ) and the right side is for ala carte. Before we even reach the top of the stairs, we were greeted by the waitress already. One thing I found with Japanese restaurant is, the people is always very friendly and polite.

The restaurant is quite spacious and is perfect if you want to have a quite place for chit chatting over dinner. The food is not exquisite, but overall the food was good. The size of the food is pretty small, but it has been priced very fairly. I don't mind small serving as long as it's priced fairly, so I could actually order and try more varieties.

Softshell crab karaage $12.50
The softshell crab is suprisingly good, is crunchy and generous serving

 Kusiyaki skewed beef and chicken grilled in special teriyaki sauce $13.00

Volcano Roll $7.00

Unagi Roll $9.00

(Top) Prawn Tempura $17
(Bottom) Grilled Prawn with Wasabi Cream Sauce $20.00
The wasabi cream is not overly creamy with a hint of wasabi.

Seafood Yakiudon $15.00

Seafood Butter Yako $13.00
This is my favourite dish of the night, is served on a sizzling plate, although is abit oily but the taste is really there with a slight burned smell.

One of my dessert lover friend suggested that we go to Yakiniku Kohya restaurant (just across the road) for their lovely greentea  ice cream. So far, I like the green tea ice cream at Yakiniku Kohya restaurant the most. The green tea flavour is strong with slightly green tea bittery taste in it. 

The served the green tea ice cream with corn flakes at the bottom and top with vanilla soft serve and red bean paste. 

The corn flakes taste surprisingly well with green tea ice cream. 
 What a great way to end the dinner! 

Katsura Japanese Restaurant
11/129-133 Military Road
Neutral Bay
(02) 9904 5755

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