"Bread is like dress, hat and other words, essential!" (Emily Post)

I have always been a big fan of bread and pastries. Everytime I walk pass Luneburger I was drawn by the smell of the bread, it is indescribably delightful. I can never walk pass the shop without having a thought of getting one. I started with one, then two and now I could even finish three.

My Favourites from Lune Burger would be the Hazelnut Croissant and the Apple Triangle. The chocolate hazelnut inside is creamy and soft, not like some chocolate croissants that the chocolate cream inside is hardened when it gets cold. The Apple triangle has apple and currant pieces inside, sweet and crispy on the outside.


The Scone Choco is filled with chocolate custard, which is pretty good. It's creamy but not overly sweet. 

I found the filling inside the apple strudel abit sour.

The Redcurrant crumble is moist, the crumble is not the crunchy type, although they do sell one which is crunchy, but I haven't try one yet.

The Raspberry Pocket is fulled with raspberry jam which is more on the sour side too.

I forgot to note down the name of this one. However, this is the one I like the least. So I wouldn't recommend this one too.

The price range of the bread and pastry at Luneburger is around $3.00-$4.00.
Definitely worth a try. I'll have another one tomorrow!

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