Brasserie Bread, Banksmeadow


"Never work before breakfast, if you have to work before breakfast, eat your breakfast first" (Josh Billings, 1818-1885)

Over the weekend, me and my blogger buddy ( went to Brasserie Bread for brunch. The wooden interior in the cafe looks really elegant, with so many different breads everywhere, make them the perfect decoration in the cafe. They even offer a free baking class for kids every Saturday, so parents can sit there and relax while waiting for their kids learning how to bake.





The place was really packed, we actually waited around 30 minutes for a table, but I have to say the wait is definitely worth while.  The food is delicious!

Croque Monsieur(ham & cheese) $10

Florentine Panini (fried egg, bacon and hollandise) $10

Brasserie special burger  $15
I ordered the burger, it's really good! The beef was tasty and tender, complemented well with the caramelised onion. It's a perfect portion for brunch too.

Sourdough pancake with berries and honeycomb cream
The pancake is a star! is light and subtle. 
The berries go so well with the smooth honeycomb cream. 
Just so fresh and pleasant to eat.
They have a sourdough pancake with banana and maple syrup too.

Not only their breads look good, their cakes and tarts look absolutely appealing too. How can I resist? I actually  bought some to try at home.


I bought one orange cake, the flavour and aroma of the orange is just wonderful 
( bottom left in the photo below)

The tart, cakes and pastries are priced between $3.00 - $4.00

(Top) The sour cherry tart's base so crunchy, with combination of sweet and sour. 
(bottom) The chocolate tart has caramel filling inside, although a little bit sweet but caramel is always great combination with chocolate.

(Bottom) I can never go pass croissant, I was lucky that this almond croissant is the last one available, the pastry is fairly sweet, light, crisp and with many buttery layers.
I truly enjoyed everything there and will surely go back for second date!

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