Chicken Mushroom Rice


"Anyone who eats three meals a day should understand why cookbooks out-sell sex books three to one." (L. M. Boyd)

This is another quick and easy recipe that taste absolutely delicious, it takes less than 30 minutes to prepare this recipe.  This recipe was inspired by the chinese glutinous chicken rice (Lor Mai Kai) where you can find in most of the dim sum restaurant. I tried to make my own version of it, using long grain rice. I guess if you want to have an even healthier version, you can try it with brown rice too. All you need to do for this recipe is prepare the ingredients, stir fry them and mix everything with rice and let the rice cooker do the cooking for you.

This recipe need to use chinese pork sausage (La Chang) that you can find in asian grocery and nowadays there's a good substitution for this, that is the duck liver sausage - (Run Chang). This is the yellow packaging shown in the photo below. But if you don't like it, you can just opt out this one.
Make sure you get rid of the coating by soaking the sausages into water and peel of the coating.

Wana know the secret of achieving a tender chicken meat????

It will be the Baking Powder. Marinate your chicken meat with small amount of baking powder. In this recipe I used around 1 and a half  teaspoon of baking powder. Mix it well with chicken, leave it for 5 minutes and rinse the chicken. Make sure you clean off the baking powder thoroughly.

The measurement I used below can easily feed 5 people.

Chicken Mushroom Rice

- 5 chicken thigh fillet (cut into dice size)
- A handful of dried mushroom, soak well in a bowl of water. Make sure you don't throw the mushroom water away, as we need it to cook the rice.
- Pork sausage/Duck liver (cut into thin slice)
- Around 15 pieces of dried shrimps (cut into smaller sizes)
- 5 garlic cloves (chop into smaller sizes)
- Fried onions (you can find this in grocery store if you are lazy to fry yourself)
- 2 tablespoon of cooking oil
- 2 cup of rice

Marinate Sauce:
2 tablespoon Oyster sauce
2 tablespoon sweet soya sauce
1 tablespoon salty soya sauce

1) After you marinated your chicken with baking powder (this is optional) and cleaned them throroughly.
Marinate the chicken with the marination sauce while you prepare for other ingredients

2) Cut the mushroom into smaller pieces (is up to you how you like the size of the mushroom to be, you can slice it, cut it half or even keep it as a whole, I quarter mine in this recipe). 

3) Heat up the work, add in the oil, add in garlic and dried shrimp, stir until they become golden brown. Add in the pork sausage(duck liver), stir for 3 minutes, add in the chicken and stir until cooked. Add more sweet soya sauce, oyster sauce/salty soya sauce until you get the right taste. Add in the fried onions and give it a quick stir.
Keep in mind that you need them sweeter and saltier, as they need to be mix and cook with rice in the rice cooker.

4) Once the chicken is cooked, turn off the fire and leave it while you prepare the rice.

5) Wash the rice and measure the water as how you will cook your rice normally and add a little bit more water than usual, because we will need to add in the cooked ingredients in it. 
Make sure you use the mushroom water to cook the rice (However, if you accidentally throw away the mushroom water, then you can just use plain water)

6) Once you measured the water for the rice, scoop half of the cooked ingredients and stir it with the rice, then scoop the rest of the cooked ingredients and just add it on top.

7) Put the rice mixture into rice cooker and you can watch TV while the rice cooker do the cooking.

8) Once is ready, serve it on a plate or bowl and I like to eat mine with chilli sauce.


  1. I love to make this dish too, so easy. But I normally use sesame oil for marinating.

  2. Oh thx for the baking powder tips =)

  3. woahhhh look soooo niceeee....lovely photos too.....looks really yummy