Sinma Laksa House (Revisited), Kingsford

Food That Touches My Heart

Even tough I wasn't born in Malaysia, but Malaysian Food is one of the food that really touches my heart. So on Friday, I was back to my most visited Malaysian restaurant at Kingsford. This restaurant never fail to satisfy my hook for Malaysian food, whether is their hawker style noodles or their main dishes. Not only this is our favourite place, it's one of our friends favourite place too, who enthusiastically picked us up straight after his flight landed from Brisbie. So, we three hungry people headed to Sinma for some authentic Malaysian cuisine.

This time we had their famous Singapore Chilli Crab. The sauce was just right, not too spicy, a little sweet and sour. Best part was dipping the chilli crab sauce with the pan fried bun (they have steamed bun as well). It was just delightful! We actually ordered one more portion of the pan fried and steamed buns.

Then, we had the Guinness Chicken. This is the only place that I found that offer this chicken in Sydney. There was no noticeable taste of the beverage, however the chicken just turned out very well, the chicken pieces were really crispy and deliciously covered with the sweetness of Guinness sauce.

We also ordered a very popular asian vegetable, the Sambal Belacan Kangkung (Water Spinach). This is always the good one to have while having Malaysian dishes. It is probably most asian's favourite vegetable dish. Lucky, Sinma cooked it right.

Then we had my favourite KL hokkien Mee. Just like the one I had on my last visit
This noddle is famous for its dark fragrant sauce and its secret ingredients, the fried pork fat.

 I had their Char Kway Teow (below) few weeks ago, but I thought I just include it in this post. 
 I found that Sinma has the most authentic Penang Char Kway Teow in Sydney. I like mine extra spciy.

Absolutely love Malaysian cuisine and will always do!

Sinma Laksa House
3/391 Anzac Parade
Kingsford 2032
(02) 9313 7663

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