Indo Rasa, Kingsford

"Indonesian Food varies by region and is based on Chinese, European, Middle Eastern, and Indian precedents. That is why Indonesian Food is rich in flavours and scents, very delicious and could really blow your mind away!" (Tatie -Tasty Indonesian Food)

I can still remember exactly how Kingsford was like when I came in 1996 to visit my brother. The main street was dark and there was only one Indonesian restaurant in this suburb. It was "Hopeng" (in english means Best Friend), but the Kingsford today has totally been transformed, the main street (Anzac Parade) is filled with endless shops' neon lights and eager diner and with its large Chinese and Indonesian community, it's not a surprise that this place is dominated by Chinese and Indonesian restaurants.

Indo Rasa is a new Indonesian restaurant that has just opened a few weeks ago. It is certainly a great addition to Kingsford's already impressive list of Indonesian restaurant. The interior is cosy and the food is Indo-authentic. There are lots of varieties to choose from the menu too. I absolutely love all the food we have ordered. I'm sure this will be the first of my many visits to this restaurant in the future.

Some Indonesian sweet and savoury cakes on sell at the counter

The Indo Rasa fried rice is aromatic and's simply delicious. But most importantly the rice is not sticky, there's nothing worse than a sticky and soggy fried rice. We also ordered an extra sunny side up on the side to compliment this irresistible fried rice.

Nasi Goreng Indo Rasa $10.00

I ordered the Nasi Uduk Komplit and was thrilled when the waitress served up the food. There was a mixture of fried chicken, marinated beef, chilli egg, giblet with sambal vegetable and the fragrant coconut rice. Not only everything tasted good, the serving was generous too.

Nasi Uduk Komplit $11.00
This is available in yellow tumeric rice as well.

Ayam Kalasan (fried marinated  chicken) is a deep fry chicken cooked using traditional spices, eventhough the chicken size is slightly smaller than Ayam Goreng 99, but this sweet and tender chicken is deep in flavour.

Ayam Kalasan $6.00

Next was the Soto Ayam. This Javanese originated chicken soup has bean sprout, vermicelli and shredded chicken, topped with belinjo cracker. This is a famous Indonesian soup that is flavoured using tumeric and some other spices. The silkiness of the vermicelli contrasts the crunchy bean sprouts. The aromatic of the spices and the shredded chicken combine everything in a wholesome way.

Soto Ayam $8.00

Next we had their Terong Belado (Stir Fried Eggplant in Chilli Sauce). Don't be intimidated by the colour of the red chilli sauce, it is actually not as spicy as it looks. Belado is an aromatic tomato based chilli sauce.The deep fried eggplant has a soft and juicy texture in the inside and crispy on the outside. The impressing aroma of the chilli sauce makes this a perfect dish to have with rice.

Terong Belado $10.00

Then we had the deep fried giblet and liver as a side dish. Special mention has to be made to their Sambal Terasi, which is the most Indonesian-treasured condiment to heat up and boost one's appetite even more. This spicy condiment has a very strong pungent smell from the shrimp paste, but this is a must on dining table in Indonesia. I was more than happy when I tasted their version, as it's probably the most authentic one I've tried in Sydney.

(Top) Deep Fried Chicken Giblet and liver $2.00
(Bottom) Complementary Sambal Terasi 

Great food, great place and great service. Will this be in my favourite restaurants list? Yes, it will.

Indo Rasa
Shop 1, 309 Anzac Parade
Kingsford NSW 2032
Ph: (02) 9697 2003


  1. looking forward to trying this place this week which has been recommended :-)

  2. Hi Simon, the last time I went there I had the grilled fish, pretty good too =)

  3. i totally in love with their ayam sereh and gado-gado.. :)