Blancharu, Elizabeth Bay

"Measure the girth of the chef and you can rate his restaurant." (French saying)

This one chef's hat French Japanese fusion restaurant is another jewel to be found at Elizabeth Bay. Run by the former executive chef at Galileo, Chef Haru Inukai, who was known for his  notable culinary skills. Blancharu serves an unpretentious, quality food with modest price.

The staffs were very attentive and welcoming. It's always comforting to go to a restaurant where the staffs are knowledgeable and have so much faith in their food. The ambiance is classy and sleek. It's a perfect place for a relax and sophisticated dining.

They offer a 7 course chef's degustation for $80 and  a 4 course degustation for $70 where you can choose an entree, pasta, main and dessert of your choice. Although both sounds like a pretty good deal, but all of us  wanted to have a full size dish, so we went for the ala carte.

For starter, the staff came with a choice of warm sour dough or french onion bread. The sour dough was heavenly, the bread was wonderfully soft, probably one of the best I had. The french onion bread had similar texture like the sour dough but with a strong french onion flavour.

 Sake and Wine to match our French and Japanese meal.

Entree 1: White clams "Sakamushi" style.
One of my friends (J) ordered this, no doubt they were tasty, but J wished if he could just have more of them as the clams were pretty small in size.

White clams "Sakamushi" style $18.00

Entree 2: Soup Du Jour (French Onion Soup).
Another friend of mine ordered the soup, he reckoned it's so deep in onion flavour and it's the real classic french onion soup. 

Soup Du Jour $14.00

Entree 3: Wild caught Tiger Prawn salad, mxed vege and Ponzu sauce.
The Tiger Prawn was sweet and tasty by itself, paired with a refreshing Ponzu sauce, this salad successfully served its purpose as an appetite-quenching entree. 

Wild caught Tiger Prawn salad, mxed vege and Ponzu sauce $22.00

Entree 4: Ocean Trout Gravlax with Wakame & Cucumber Salad.
Yet another great entree that satisfy and entice our appetite. These lovely pieces of ocean trout were all about quality and freshness. And they were served with a sauce that harmonised everything together.

Ocean Trout Gravlax with Wakame & Cucumber Salad. $21.00

My friend kindly offered his Porcini Mushroom risotto with roasted quail for me to try. I absolutely loved it! The risotto was creamy, texture was perfect and it had a great and not overpowering earthy porcini flavour in it too.

Porcini Mushroom risotto with roasted quail  $24.00

Main 1: Roasted Angus Beef Fillet with Sauce Chasseur.
Beef is always the most ordered dish wherever we go, maybe because beef tends to be a safer choice. But this time, my friends didn't make the wrong choice as the three of them did enjoy the beef very much, or maybe the food is just simply brilliant over here?

Roasted Angus Beef Fillet with Sauce Chasseur $36.00

Main 2: New Zealand Red Venison, poached pear, poivre sauce.
The staff recommended the Venison, she said it's her favourite of all, so I went with her suggestion. And I Absolutely loved it!  The venison and the sweet poached pear were simply divine, served with a flavour-rich sauce that complemented the meat.

New Zealand Red Venison, poached pear, poivre sauce $37.00

Main 3: Braised Pork Belly,Pomme Puree and Green Beans.
The winner of the main dishes had to go to the Pork Belly. This was an affordable luxury that melts in your mouth. The pork must have been cooked for a long time that the fat was rendered out of the meat, even though there's still a layer of fat on the top, but it was almost like butter with flavour. The meat itself was a delicacy that was full of flavour.

Braised Pork Belly,Pomme Puree and Green Beans. $27.00

Dessert 1: Creme Brulee & Coffee Ice Cream.
The creme brulee was not my favourite, but the custard was pretty smooth and the it's not overly sweet, which is good. But overall, I like the coffee ice cream more than the creme brulee.

 Creme Brulee, Coffee Ice Cream  $16.00

Dessert 2: Chocolate Fondant & Vanilla Ice Cream.
A classic chocolate fondant with a melting chocolate inside.

Chocolate Fondant & Vanilla Ice Cream $16.00

Dessert 3: Warm Sticky Date Pudding and Rum Raisin Ice Cream.
The Sticky date pudding was the table's favourite. A pleasing dessert to finish up the meal. One thing to note, the chef certainly knows how to pair the flavour of the ice cream with their desserts that really made the desserts stand out.

 Warm Sticky Date Pudding & Rum Raisin Ice Cream $16.00

Without doubt, Haru Inukai is a remarkable chef that serves excellent food of the highest quality.

Shop 1, 21 Elizabeth Bay Road,
Elizabeth Bay
NSW 2011

Ph: (02) 9360 3555 
E  :

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