Have you eaten?

To say that food is a basic necessity is just to state the obvious.  I think food is more than just for survival, it becomes much more than that. Indeed, the most common greeting in chinese culture is not "How are you?" but it's "Have you eaten?".  Food has become part of our culture and tradition. Whenever there is celebration there's food, whether it's big, small or just a friendly gathering, there's food.
It has become an occasion of sharing and giving. It is an event where family/friends come together.

My cousin actually asked me few months ago if I could cook for her when she comes, of course without hesitation I said "Yes".  I guess when you have been around the world, and tasted the best food the world has to offer, you will eventually  miss a humble homemade cooking.

When I invite guests over to my place, I tend to be very fastidious. I always ended up cooking much more than is required. I guess when it comes to food my philosophy is 'More is always better than less'.

Thanks to HW that bought over some satays and stir fry water spinach from our favourite Indonesian restaurant, Ayam Goreng 99.

It was a Festive dinner with mixture of Indonesian, Malaysian, Thai and Chinese food.

 Malaysian Chicken Curry (perfect with steamed bun)

Steamed Tom Yum Fish with Minced Pork

 Prawn Scrambled Egg

Thai Chilli Chicken Basil

Braised Pork in Soya Suace (Tau Yu Bak)

       (Left) Seaweed Soup      (Right) Homemade Sambal Terasi

A meal is never complete without a dessert! I prepared a very refreshing fruit and jelly punch to wash out the tasty meal.

We had so much food, we could probably feed a soccer team.
Oh well... at least everyone was full! 
So when is your next gathering?

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