The Razors Edge Restaurant, Enmore

 "A good cook is like a sorceress who dispenses happiness". (Elsa Schiapirelli)

On Saturday, my friends and I dined at The Razors Edge Restaurant in Enmore. This small and cosy restaurant serves an International fusion dishes with French, Japanese, Asian and Modern Australian influence. No doubt the food is exquisite, service is delightful, there are some disappointments too. The major disappointment is the kitchen was really slow, we waited almost an hour for the entree to be served, unless you have a great company to dine with, it might be quite dishearten to have to wait for so long. 

The main dining room is elegant, it resembles a Parisian Bistro with its dazzling chandelier that softly radiating the small but yet intimate dining room. We were seated at the courtyard which has a rather fine ambiance too. The staffs were very professional and friendly, they politely apologised to us for taking so long to serve the food.

One of the reasons we chose this restaurant is because we wanted a nice BYO restaurant.

The Oysters were really fresh. This entree was definitely a Japanese influence, it is really interesting to have the creamy rock oysters topped with salmon roe and wakame seaweed, the splashes of mirin certainly added more kicks to this appetizing entree.

One dozen rock oysters $31.90

The Pork Belly Roulade was rubbed with Italian herbs and almond paste, rolled with sundried tomatoes and fennel then toasted with a balsamic vinegar and orange glaze. The meat was deliciously savoury without being overly fatty. It was a really unique taste and the crispy skin was to die for.

Italian Pork Belly Roulade $16.80

I was told that Kangaroo meat is really good, but I never try it before. So we decided to order one to try. The slices of kangaroo fillet were dusted with cajun spices then lightly seared served with black bean, tomato, capsicum, corn, lime and coriander salsa and topped with sour cream. Having this entree was a novel experience! This aromatic and tasty dish was definitely a dish that you wouldn't want to share with anyone.

Cajun Kangaroo Medallions $16.80

The obvious chinese influence main of The Orange Glazed Duck Breast was marinated in honey, orange juice, and olive oil pan seared, served with salad of chinese cabbage, crispy noodle, snow peas and shallots dressed, with soy and sesame vinaigrette. This might be quite a common dish, but it was a succulent, tender and perfectly cooked duck.

Orange Glazed Duck Breast $29.90

I ordered the Roast Poussin with Catalan Sauce. It was a whole roasted spring chicken on a chunky Spanish sauce of chick peas, chorizo sausage, capsicum, black and green olives, almonds, tomatoes and currants cooked in white wine with garlic and smoked paprika. This is another interesting tasty dish, it is a dish that dances with flavours.

Roast Poussin with Catalan Sauce $29.90

The Fillet Mignon was the table's favourite, three of my friends ordered this eye fillet steak wrapped with Bacon, served with a salad of fresh beetroot roasted in Marsala wine, juniper berries and baby english spinach topped with onion relish and crumbed feta cheese. As requested, the beef was cooked perfectly pink, although it might be slight dry as there's not much sauce to go with the steak, however as my friend said, "They are playing with our taste bud!". The combination flavours of everything was again...unique.

Fillet Mignon $32.80

Although the rating for entrees are slightly higher than the mains, all three main dishes were still delicious.

However, I'm sad to say that the creme brulee was a failure. The sugar was overly burnt and what meant to be a smooth creamy pudding like custard was too watery, the brulee wasn't set at all and it tasted pretty bland too.
Creme Brulee  $12.80

However, I do like the other dessert that we had. It was Cinnamon - Orange Chocolate Mousse. It was a rich mousse  of  semi sweet chocolate, honey, cinnamon and grand marnier topped with fresh orange. As a big fan of cinnamon I absolutely enjoyed this rich but not overly sweet mousse, but my friends thought the cinnamon was too strong.

 Cinnamon - Orange Chocolate Mousse  $12.80

Even though there were some dissapointments, It was still throughout unusual and throughout enjoyable.
129 Enmore Road, Enmore
Sydney NSW Australia
Ph: (02) 9557 5867

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