Mochi Dessert Cafe, Kingsford

"Dessert is probably the most important stage of a meal, since it will be the last thing your guests remember before they pass out all over the table". (William Powell)

Still feeling quite full from late lunch, my husband and I just wanted something light for dinner. We thought of the new cafe that opened in Kingsford, the Mochi Dessert Cafe. As we entered , we saw a great selection of mouth watering cakes and Japanese mochi displaying at the counter. Once we were seated, we quickly browsed through the colorful menu on the table. There was a great selection of sweet and savoury snacks/desserts. As a big fan of pizza, we decided to try their pizza waffle, as I never try waffle as a pizza base, so it might be quite interesting to find out and then we ordered one ham and cheese waffle handroll. 

When our pizza waffle came, we thought it looks pretty good, but after tasting it, I won't say it's bad but it wasn't  the best value you could get with your money, the chicken tasted like the supermarket chicken nuggets cut into pieces. I think it's something that you can easily replicate at home with a waffle maker.

BBQ chicken Pizza Waffle  $8.20

Then our Ham and Cheese Hand Roll Waffle came,  we were quite dissapointed with what we saw.  We were expecting at least some melted cheese with good quality ham. But the Hand roll waffle was basically just a waffle sandwich with ham and cheese slice that again you can easily get from supermarket. With the same price you can probably make heaps of them at home.

Ham and Cheese Hand Roll Waffle $ 6.80

The staff reminded us that we can have a drink for half the price for every snack/dessert we've ordered. There's a selection of flavoured ice teas, coffees and smoothies to choose from. I didnt want any, but my husband had their grape green tea with aloe vera.

Special Grape Aloe Vera $ 4.60 (full price)

Even though we were quite dissapointed with their savoury snacks, but thank goodness the dessert was good! We were tossing between the tofu pudding and the herbal jelly. After looking at the menu for the longest time, we chose to go with the cold herbal jelly. This refreshing dessert had certainly put a smile on my face. The homemade herbal jelly was served with red bean, pearl, sweet potato and taro mochi, crushed ice and cream. At first I asked them not to put the cream, but the staff convinced me that the cream is what makes this dessert a winner, so she said she will give me the cream in a small cup on the side.

She was right,  the cream was light and it really complimented this icy cold dessert very well. And the sweet potato and taro mochi was chewy and you can taste the flavour very well too. It was just a refreshing lovely dessert.

Cold Herbal Jelly

Like the name of the cafe, I would recommend to only visit this place for the dessert. This Herbal Jelly will be one of the reasons for me to come back and the other reason will be their gelato. This cafe has the gelato from a popular supplier that I know is good. It's the gelato from Bravo. Maybe next time I will try their ice cream waffle or their tofu pudding.

Mochi Dessert Cafe
Shp 1/ 343 Anzac Pde
Kingsford NSW 2032

Ph; (02) 9663 3996

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