Desserts from Hilton Hotel, Sydney

“A compromise is the art of dividing a cake in such a way that everyone believes he has the biggest piece". (Ludwig Erhard)

When it comes to desserts, I always know a 5 star hotel will certainly have something great to offer, but I never really go to one just to get their desserts. However, Hilton has certainly proved my theory right. My cousin (who works for Singapore Airline) stayed there during her stopover and brought me a box full of mouth watering desserts from the hotel. 

It was like opening a mystery jewellery box, I was absolutely ecstatic to see what's inside the box. Those little cakes looked like little pieces of french art. They were just pleasurable to look at.

My too-generous cousin bought me 8 different types of cake. I wasn't sure what each cake called, but I will try my best to explain what they are.

 The one on most left is berries cheesecake, it was perfect!

(Left) I think it is a hazelnut mousse...that melts in your mouth!
(Right) It is dark chocolate cake, really dark...deliciously rich and it has certainly prepared with a very high quality dark chocolate. Just beautiful!

(Left) When I had my first bite on this mousse cake, I couldn't really figure out what is it, I know it certainly has some lemon in it, as it's sour, but  it was mixed with something else from the same family that I knew I tasted it before but couldnt really figure out what it is. Then, after having a few more spoons, I finally figured out what it is, it tasted like the marinated orange that usually served as a drink in Asia. I have never tasted any cakes like this before. It was a great surprise and it's certainly different!

(Right) Opera Cake with a hint of coffee. No need to say more, everyone that tried opera cake before know how good it is and no exception for this one.

This is another great surprise! I don't usually like cream, but when I cut through it, I could see some light brown custard flowing out and it was banana custard cream, never thought of banana custard cream before. I love it! The tart is so firm and crunchy, topped with menrique cream. This gotta be my favourite!


Passion Fruit Panna Cotta.
I actually didn't get to try this, but after tasting the other 7 cakes. I'm pretty sure this is a good one too. Another reason to go to Hilton!

Whoever does the desserts in the kitchen certainly knows what they are doing, I felt like I was just lost in the dessert heaven.

Hilton Sydney
488 George Street
Sydney, NSW, 2000
T: + 612 9266 2000

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