Zozo Korean Restaurant, Sydney CBD

"The best kind of friend is the one you could sit on a porch with, never saying a word, and walk away feeling like that was the best conversation you've had".  ~Author Unknown

This month has been a special month for me. I had so many visits all in just this month. Not only I get to catch up with a cousin that I haven't seen for years, a visit from my beloved sister from Melbourne, I get to catch up with my college buddy too.

I believe everyone has a college buddy. A friend whom you spend your college days with, sitting next to you in classes, goes lunch with you everyday, study and doing projects together.  

So this college buddy of mine (PS) who live in Melbourne came down to Sydney last week. We decided to meet up at World Square in the city. To my surprise PS has contacted another college friend to meet up too. I was so delighted to see another old friend.


It was a very cold windy Friday, so we decided to have some Korean food. I walked pass Zozo all the times, but never had a chance to try it because there's always a long queue, but last week we patiently waited for a table.

We ordered a seafood pancake to share. It was a decent pancake, not the best but not the worst.

Seafood Pancake

We were seated outside which was really cold, so we ordered a spicy seafood hotpot. Again, this is another decent hot pot which is  similar to what you find in other Korean restaurants, but it was a great choice as we definitely needed the hot soup to warm us up. But it was pretty good value as there were heaps of seafood in the soup for $40ish

Spicy Seafood Hot Pot

Then, this is the dish of the day for me, Chilli Chicken with Cheese. This chicken and cheese combo was served on sizzling hot plate. It was so tasty...it's definitely the dish that deserve the Ooohhs and the Aaahhs from the table. There was some korean rice cakes inside too. The combination of the sweet and spicy chicken, chewy rice cakes and melted cheese was just fabulous!

Chilli Chicken and Cheese ($25)
(This dish will be enough for 2 ppl)

Then there was the combination BBQ. This was the table's favourite, not that I don't like, I do think it was really good too. The marination was really tasty and the beef's texture was fairly good. There were mixture of BBQ chilli chicken, beef slices and beef ribs.

 Combination BBQ $44
(This dish will be enough for 3-4 ppl)

A great meal and a great catch up...what more can I ask... 

Zozo Korean Restaurant
World Square
Liverpool St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph (02) 9267 8040

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