Minced Pork With Tofu and Mushroom

“People who like to cook like to talk about food....without one cook giving another cook a tip or two, human life might have died out a long time ago.” (Laurie Colwin, 'Home Cooking')
I love tofu/bean curd. It's so versatile that there's so many things you can cook with it.  This is another convenient and simple dish that needs to be accompanied with a bowl of hot steamed rice. The succulent minced pork combines with the tasty sweet gravy is truly appetising.

Why not add this lovely dish in your next home-cooked dinner!
Feel free to substitute minced pork with minced chicken if you like. Please adjust the measurement below according to your preference.

Minced Pork with Tofu and Mushroom
- 250gm Minced Pork (season with a dash of white pepper, garlic, soya sauce, sweet soya sauce, oyster sauce and sesame oil)
- A handful of shitake mushroom (cut into pieces, if you use dried mushrooms, make sure you pre-soak in water)
Some chopped fresh prawn
- 1 to 2 tbsp dried shrimp (Can be substituted with salted fish)
- 1 tbsp chopped garlic
- A handful of spring onion (cut into 1-2 cm)
- 1 block of silken tofu (dice into desired size)
- Water
- Cooking oil
- Cornstrach solution - just mix some cornflour with water (Optional)

Seasoning sauce:
- Soya sauce
- Sweet soya sauce
- Oyster sauce
- Sesame oil

1) Heat up some cooking oil in wok/pan and add in garlic and dried shrimp.
2) Add in the shitake mushroom.
3) Add in the chopped prawn and stir well
4) Add in the minced pork and strir well, add seasoning sauce according to taste
5) Add the silken tofu, give it a quick stir and allow to cook for 30 seconds, then add some water. Stir well then allow to boil.
6) Add more seasoning sauce until you get the desired taste
7) Add in the chopped spring onion and mix well.
8) Simmer for another 5 minutes to allow the tofu absorb the gravy
9) Optional: Add in some cornflour solution and mix well to achieve a thicker gravy
10) Serve warm with steamed rice. Enjoy!

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