Indonesian Meatball Noodle Soup (Mie Bakso)

Savouring Mie Bakso Once Again

This post is just a brief introduction to one of Indonesia's most popular noodle soup, Mie Bakso. Mie Bakso (Meatball Noodle Soup) is an ubiquitous street food in Indonesia. Even tough, it is considered a cheap eat, this noodle soup can be found everywhere from street-side stalls to restaurants in shopping mall. However, this bowl of flavoursome noddle is no where to be found in Sydney (or I haven't found one yet). Luckily for me, I get to taste this wonderful noodle soup once again, all thanks to my mum who visited me last week. Mum knows how much I like to eat Mie Bakso, so at 4am Monday morning she rolled up her sleeve to prepare this bowl of delicious noodle soup ready for me when I wake up. Life couldn't be better than this!

(Unfortunately, I don't have the recipe as mum brought the homemade paste for the soup from Indonesia)

Shredded fried chicken

 Chopped celery leaves

This is not a complicated bowl of noodle. It consists of only meatballs (usually beef), shredded fried chicken, crispy fried shallots and celery leaves. However, the peppery and aromatic soup is made from a combination of different kind of Indonesian spices that create the signature flavour.

The usual way to enjoy this bowl of noodle is to add in lots of hot chilli paste and sweet soya sauce enough to make you puffing and sweating, at the same time racing for a glass of cold water to soothe the burning mouth.

Homemade chilli paste mixed with sweet soya sauce

Before adding in the soup

with soup

 Add in the Chilli Paste

Mix well and see you in culinary heaven


  1. A bowl for me pleaseeeeeee !!!

  2. Ask Mum to cook for u when she is there =D
    it was so yummy, I had 2 big bowls! hahaha

  3. Yummm, so jealous! But is this the medan style with chicken or ur mom's creation? Normally i just have the bakso & bihun, craving big time!!

  4. Yeah in Medan they serve it with chicken and bakso. You can choose the type of noodle too. I wonder how come no one sell this here???

  5. Aww... bakso... missed it also =(