Angelo's on the Bay, Cabarita

Angelo's on the Bay is a very special restaurant for me and my husband. This is the restaurant where we celebrated our marriage a year ago. Last week, we revisited this memorable restaurant to celebrate our first wedding anniversary and it certainly brought back fond memories of the most important day of our lives.


The restaurant is situated at a beautiful waterside setting in Cabarita. The relax and quiet surrounding allow us to enjoy a magnificent lunch on a great Sunday afternoon. This is a perfect place to enjoy a contemporary Italian cuisine with friends and family.

Garlic Bread $4.00

 Brussel Sprout tossed with Bacon and Onion $8.00

Entree 1: Confit of Pork Belly ($22.00)
The perfectly cooked pork belly is served with daikon and apple salad, chilli jam and apple puree.   The concentration of flavours were held in the meat and every bite of this meltingly tender, rich and succulent pork was a treat.

Confit of Pork Belly

Entree 2: Seafood Antipasto Plate ($24.00)
The seafood plate consists of grilled scallop with tomato salsa and avocado puree, crab and sweet corn spring roll, Kejap manis prawn with basil parcel, Chilli jam tempura fish fillet, Chilli salt and lime salmon cake with aioli. 
This restaurant has a reputation on their seafood dishes.  Even though everything on the plate looks like something you could easily find in a fish and chip shop, but we were blown away by the extraordinary depth of flavours in every single one of these, except for the scallop that has a more subtle flavour. The Salmon cake is an edible alchemy that explode with flavour.


Main 1: Fillet of Beef Rossini ($35.00)
The Beef is served with duck liver pate, confit of truffled mushroom and madeira jus. We were abit surprised
to find a toasted bread under the beef. But when me and my husband put the combination of all into our mouth, we were stunned, we looked at each other with a grin on our faces, there was at least 5 seconds silence, before we could say 'Yum'. This is the dish that makes a difference.The toasted bread was a perfect combination with the beef and the madeira sauce added a lovely flavour component to the dish.

Fillet of Beef Rossini

Main 2: Barramundi Fillet ($32.00)
The pan fried barramundi is served with grilled scampi, tomato, basil and citrus salad with mustard dressing. The zesty citrus certainly enhanced the natural flavour of the fish.

Barramundi Fillet

Year one of our marriage was filled with joy and laugther (mostly came from completely silly and corny jokes). Today we began year two of our marriage indulging ourselves with a delicious and memorable meal.

 "Chefs, authors, musicians, actors, poets, so many of us have very strong feelings about food.  Why is food so emotional?  Scents of food stir up childhood memories, cooking for and feeding someone is one of the sweetest gestures in the world, even watching someone eat can be a delight.  Food and love are undeniably connected". (Heidi-Savory TV)

Prince Edward Park,
Phillips Street - Cabarita
NSW 2137
(02) 9743 2225

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