Bacco Pasticceria, Chifley Plaza Sydney

"The dessert crowns the dinner. To create a fine dessert, one has to combine the skills of a confectioner, a decorator, a painter, an architect, an ice-cream manufacturer, a sculptor, and a florist. The splendour of such creations appeals above all to the eye - the real gourmand admires them without touching them! (Eugene Briffault)
I'm back to Bacco Pasticceria again. Finally, I know the name of the wonderful jelly dessert in my last post. It's called The Zuppa Angalise. They have different flavours all the time, so far the flavours that I know are orange, lychee and blueberry (which I got this time).
This blueberry Zuppa Angalise, has top layer of meringue cream, layer of blueberries, sponge cake with a blueberry jelly base. Still as good as what I had last time, lightly sweeten with a hint of sourness in the jelly.
On top of this, the Blueberry Macaron was a surprise, I don't usually enjoy Macaron, as I found it to be too sweet, but to my surprise, I enjoyed this one very much, it's not overly sweet and the blueberry filling is just right.
Overall, this Zuppa Angalise is so good that I just can't get enough of it.

Zuppa Anglaise

Then, I had the Chocolate Eclair with custard filling. What can I say, this delightful French classic is just finger-licking good , even though the pastry is not really crispy, it's still light enough to enjoy. Top with a thin layer of caramel, this eclair is dangerously yummy.

Chocolate eclair

Next, I had the Panna Cotta with berries. So far this is the best Panna Cotta I had in Sydney. They have different flavours from time to time too. This silky and barely-solid-texture Panna Cotta, is a distinction. Prepared with a high quality cream, served with some sweet and sour berries on top, some vanilla bean seeds at the bottom, this Panna Cotta is a winner.

Panna Cotta 

The average price of the cake/dessert here is $5-$6
Total I paid for the 3 desserts is $18

Another one that I really want to try is the alluring Rose Macaron. Hopefully soon!

Bacco Pasticceria
LG03, Chifley Plaza
2 Chifley Square
Sydney NSW 2000


  1. wow, such a nice review... I am so happy u like the cakes :D ( i am working there... any comments will be appreciated :D)

  2. Hi there,

    Thanks for stopping by!

    Yeah, I love everything in Bacco, although I found the tiramisu abit too sweet =p, but overall the desserts are just beautiful!

  3. thanks! Now we are about creating new range of cakes.... start in next week. Please come and have a look :)