Dank Street Depot, Waterloo

The secret of staying young is to live honestly, eat slowly, and lie about your age (Lucille Ball).

Over the years, Danks Street Depot has won many good reviews from Sydney Morning Herald's Good Living.  It opens all day during the week and dinner on Thursday to Saturday. No doubt that Danks Street Depot has became a neighbourhood favourite with its hearty and quality food. This warehouse-style cafe together with its high ceiling dining hall certainly presents a character of its own that makes it a perfect place to spend your afternoon treat. Although the food menu is rather simple but they taste good, staffs are knowledgeable and friendly. However, they might be a bit expensive for everyday lunch.

The waitress that served us explained to us some of the dishes that are not on the menu. One of them is the braised beef cooked in red wine, served on flat bread and hand cut chips. The beef is cooked to my expectation, the flat bread is really crusty, overall it's just simply divine.

Braised Beef Sandwich with red wine $18.00

The creamed eggs with truffle oil definitely won my taste bud. It's cooked with cream and butter, chopped chives, truffle oil, roasted field mushroom, herbed tomato and sourdough toast. The scramble egg is very creamy and rich, the truffle oil  flavour is strong and prominent (in a good way). The roasted mushroom is exquisite. I was glad we ordered this.

Creamed Egg with Truffle Oil $21.45

While enjoying our food, we overheard the next table saying that she had dinner here before and the food was excellent. I'm eager to try out the dinner menu too.

After lunch, why not stop by at the organic shop (WholeFood House) just along Dank street. They offer a huge range of organic products. Not only organic food helps the environment, it promotes lifelong health and happiness too.

I bought myself a bottle of Apple Cider Vinegar. If you haven't already know, apple vinegar has lots of benefits to your body. Few of the many benefits are promoting healthy metabolism, reducing bad cholesterol of the body, detox, prevent cancer, delay aging, control sugar level, strengthen immune system and increase concentration/pressure. Mix a table spoon of apple vinegar, honey and a glass of water everyday will surely do wonders.


  1. I love the Creamed Egg with Truffle Oil aswell... but last time I went there (a few months ago). It was only $19.50...

    The sandwich looks great too. I really like you picture, Can I ask what camera do u use? I guess Nikon ?

  2. Yeah, had a really good experience there, would love to go back again =D

    Thanks! I'm a Canon girl hehe...it's 500D

    Btw just dropped by at your blog, absolutely love what I saw and I've bookmarked it =D

  3. wow... I am a Canon fan too (but compact one IXUS800). I am thinking to buy a new one ..at first i want compact with the wider lens..but now thinking since I saw ur pictures (but not sure i can take the picture this nice and its too heavy for me ^ ^'' What lens do u normally use for food pictures?

    thanks for visiting my blog.. will try to update more often..hehe

  4. I mostly use 50mm F1.4 to shoot the food.
    Im sure if you get it you will enjoy taking pics of food even more