Firestick Cafe, Hunter Valley

“Wine makes daily living easier, less hurried, with fewer tensions and more tolerance.”(Benjamin Franklin ,1706-1790) 

Firestick cafe is the daytime sister of Rock Restaurant. It's located in the Poole's Rock Winery Estate in Hunter Valley. This two hat chef restaurant certainly has a lot to offer. Great food, great ambiance and great service.  The dining room is modern and spacious with magnificent views.  

 Complementary entree: Beet Root with Goat Cheese

The Burger was excellent. The herbs bread is very crispy, wagyu beef is so juicy and tender, served with the perfectly crisp french fries on the side. Two thumbs up!

Wagyu burger with caramelized onions, tomato, mesclun salad, grilled herb bread and fries  $23

Confit is one staple in french cooking, a traditional and delicious way to add flavour to the meat. This dish might look really basic but it has so much flavour in it and surprisingly good.

Cured duck breast and confit leg with fennel, braised witlof and orange vinaigrette  
$26 Entree /$ 39 Main

Pork schnitzel with crushed potato, rocket and waldorf salad  $24 Entree / $36 Main

Salt Cod and Tomato Bruschetta on Grilled Sourdough $12

 This could be the perfect spot for a mid-afternoon lunch on your next stroll to Hunter Valley.

ROCK Restaurant & Firestick Café
(located within Poole's Rock Winery estate)
576 Debeyers Road
 Tel: 02 4998 6968


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