Pho Bac Hai Duong, Marrickville


Satisfying My Friday Crave at Marrickville

Today is the day where I really crave for a bowl of nice hot Pho and I recalled that Marrickville has a good reputation for their Vietnamese food, so I browsed online to find which restaurant is worth the visit, but I couldn't really decide on one, so my husband used his iphone's 'Urbanspoon' app (it randomly pick a restaurant based on cuisine and location) and Pho Bac Hai Duong came up. There was 91% favourable review on this restaurant too, so we trusted the rating and made our way there.

There is a newspaper cut on the glass window, it's an article on the best Pho in Sydney and this restaurant is on the list. The restaurant has a deem light, it's spacious and pretty clean compared to other pho restaurants I've been. 

We went through the menu, of course I decided on the pho. My husband was contemplating between the lemongrass pork and the Vietnamese traditional style pork in hot pot. We asked the waiter which one is more popular but he said both are popular dishes in the restaurant and they both tasted very different, however he commented that every kid in Vietnam grow up eating the traditional style pork in hot pot. That inspired my husband to give it a try.

The soup was pleasingly tasty, sweet and rich in flavour, the rice noodle is slippery. This bowl of noodle successfully satisfied my crave. I usually don't finish the soup when I have Pho, but this time I just couldn't stop.

 Pho rice noodle soup with medium rare beef & chicken combination $9 (reg)
Large size available for $12

My husband's Vietnamese traditional style pork in hot pot tasted similar like the Chinese Braised pork in soya sauce, but this is one of the better ones that I've tried. Full of flavour with a killer sauce. No wonder every kid in Vietnam grow up with this dish. When I had my first mouth I knew straight away my husband will surely come back again for this.

Vietnamese Traditional Style Pork in Hot Pot $13

We ordered the seafood omelette too, it's a simple dish of  fried egg top with onions and little pieces of seafood.

Seafood Omelette $14

Thanks to Urbanspoon, we had a satisfying dinner today!

Pho Bac Hai Duong
304 Illawarra Rd
Marrickville NSW 2204
Ph: (02) 9559 5078  
Opening hours: Mon to Sun 10am - 9:30pm 

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