Buon Ricordo, Paddington


"A good cook is a peculiar gift of the gods. From the brain to the palate, from the palate to the finger's end." (Walter Savage Landor)

Buon Ricordo has established a reputation for its finest food and service. Over the years, this award wining restaurant has been rated as Sydney's top Italian restaurant.The staffs are very welcoming and professional. It offers an intimate dining atmosphere with 5 star service and their signature truffle egg fettuccine is mind blowing!

Top: Funghi Trifolati ( Assorted mushrooms sauteed with garlic)  $14.50
Centre & Bottom : Complementary

For the entree we ordered the Fagottini di carne to share, when the waiter found out that 3 of us will share this entree, he actually asked the kitchen to serve the sausages into three different plates. How thoughtful!

Fagottini di carne  $32 
(Picture only shown one out of the three servings)

One of my friends ordered the Funghi di Bosco, which comes with mushroom cap filled with bacon and almonds, swiss brown mushroom soup and gratin of portabella mushrooms and smoke provola.

 Funghi di Bosco  $32.00

When the waitress realised that three of my friends wanted to order the 500gm T-bone steak, she actually recommended them to share the 6 weeks 1KG grain fed beef instead. She pointed out that the quality of the beef is beyond belief, it's at its highest quality. Eventhough on the menu it says the beef is to be shared by two, but she reckoned it will be enough for three as well. So the three guys went with her suggestion. 
And lucky they did, because it is surreal!

Coastata di manzo $175
1 Kg Rib of grain fed beef, aged 6 weeks, grilled and served with sea salt and lemon.
(Can serve two or three. Picture only shown one out of the three servings.)

If I haven't tried the 6 weeks grain fed beef, I would think the T-Bone steak is really good, but because I've tasted the best one already, the latter was no comparison.

Bistecca alla fiorentina  $56.50
(Grilled 500gm grainfed T-bone steak)

Now, the best part of the meal was the most reputable truflle egg fettuccine. On the menu all the pasta is served entree size, but they could do main size too upon request. I wasn't sure if the entree size is enough, so I asked the waitress. She told me they only recommend entree size for the fettuccine, because it's super rich and she didn't want me to have too much and hate it, so I listened to her. Always trust the pro!

Fettuccine al tartufovo  $ 34.50

The fettuccine was served with a rich creamy sauce and fried egg, but it isn't any regular egg, it's truffle egg. The eggs are kept in an air-tight container with truffles and they infused the truflle flavours into the egg yolk. The waiter then added some Parmesan cheese and tossed the pasta on the table. While he was tossing, the aroma of the truffle hit us like a wave.
This is one of those I-will-remember-for-life dishes. Just brilliant!
And I understood why it is only recommended for entree size, because it is really really rich and creamy, you wish you can have more but you know you will get sick if you do.

By looking at the picture you might think it looks very ordinary, but I dare say the taste is truly extraordinary.
The flavour of the truffle egg is simply indescribable

The restaurant doesn't earn their reputation on great service for nothing. From the moment we stepped into the restaurant, they really did try their best to make our dining experience an unforgettable one. When we asked for our bill, the staff actually asked if we need her to organise any cab. 
Again, how thoughtful!

108 Boundary St
Paddington, Sydney
Ph: (02) 9360 6729
Reservation is essential
Operating hours:
Friday and Saturday: noon - 2.30pm
Tuesday to Saturday 6.00 - 10.30pm

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