Le Pain Quotidien, Surry Hills

Saturday Leisure Lunch at Le Pain Quotidien

Le Pai Quotidien is the French for 'Daily Bread'. This inviting European cafe is well known for its snack, fresh bread and healthy organic food. The cafe is really spacious with a refined traditional wooden interior. Le Pai Quotidien is located in Surry Hills, however this cafe also operates in two other locations (Bondi Junction and Leichhardt).

There were plenty of selections in the menu to choose from. We settled with an Organic Poached egg and a Prawn salad.

The Organic Poached egg is served with Hollandaise Sauce, salad, bread and we chose salmon to go with the poached egg. I have to say the Hollandaise sauce is superb and I love the smoked salmon too, because I found a lot of places served a very salty smoked salmon but over here is just perfect.
If you wonder how good is good? I literally wiped the plate with my bread and we had a clean plate by the end of the meal. Yes, that's how good the Hollandaise sauce is.

Organic Poached Egg with Salmon $18.50
The prawn salad is served with avocado, mango and salsa. The prawn is crunchy, the tomato salsa and the basil pesto are prepared in good balance with its light, fresh and clean flavours. 

Prawn Salad $19.95

Home made mint lemonade $4.75

Of course when I see cakes and pastries, I can never go pass them without trying.

I bought myself the old french classic; an almond croissant, a strawberry tart and a hazelnut bread flute.
I had to cheer for the almond croissant, it's rich and buttery with crunchy almonds and lovely sweet crust. Love it!

 Almond Croissant $3.95 (Take away)  $4.95 (Dine in)

The strawberry tart is not bad, but I would prefer if the base is firmer with more eggy custard. 
However, I still effortlessly finished it.
Strawberry Tart $ 4.95 (Take away)  $5.50 (Dine in )

This hazelnut bread flute (with raisins and hazelnut fillings) is a great coffee/tea side treat, with a thick hearty texture.

Hazelnut Bread Flute $2.50 (Take away)  $4.00 (Dine in)

Surry Hills 
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