Masthai Seafood Restaurant, Beverly Hills

"Chinese people believe eating good food helps to promote harmony and closeness between family and friends". (Unknown)

"Everyone eats and drinks; yet only few appreciate the taste of food".(Confucius)

Don't get confuse by the name of this restaurant, this is not a Thai restaurant. Masthai is my favourite Cantonese Chinese restaurant, located in Beverly Hills. Food is always fresh and delicious, their XO vermicelli crab and deep fried pigeon are to die for. I've been visiting this restaurant for many years and over the years we have recommended this place to many of our friends and so far no one was disappointed. Yesterday, I have 4 friends joining me for the first time, I was a bit worried they might not like the food here, but when I saw how they enjoyed the pigeon and crab, I knew I've brought them to the right place.

Deep Fried Piegon (each) $18.80

The finger-licking good XO crab is topped with vermicelli and because it's so good, everyone of us would hate to fight for it, so we ordered double vermicelli.

XO crab with extra vermicelli

Steamed tofu with seafood 
(This dish is so delicious, I would highly recommend it to everyone)

Bok Choi Soup with Preserved Egg  $ 17.80

Masthai Special Dish  (with mix of mushroom, sea cucumber and vegetable)

Pan Fried Pork Mince with Salty Fish $ 16.80

Yesterday was the first time we ordered this dish, it was amazingly good! 
It's a meat fritter, crispy and so tasty.

Not only the food is amazing here, you will be surprised how reasonable they are priced. There were 7 of us yesterday and this fulfilling meal cost each of us $37. Just a fraction of what you will pay in any chinese restaurant in the city. Be sure to make a booking as this restaurant is always filled with eager diners on weekends.

Masthai Seafood Restaurant
495 King Georges Rd
Beverly Hills 2209 NSW
Ph: (02) 9580 5609


  1. Their OX crab is my favorite as well. Miss it! :) I guess MT enjoyed the dinner.


  2. Hi Zoe,

    Yeah! I was so glad he likes the food there =D