Petaling Street & OldTown Kopitiam Mamak, Melbourne

Having spent my teenage life in Malaysia for three and a half years, I've definitely built a strong bond with the country. Not only the people and culture that attach me to the country, but it's also my love to Malaysian food. Malaysian food has become a part of me since then.

I always think among all the cities in Australia, Sydney probably has the best selection of Malaysian restaurants to choose from. But I was wrong, I must admit Melbourne is now the place to go for Malaysian cuisine. Especially when there are two authentic Malaysian restaurants opened up their branches in Melbourne, i.e. Petaling Street and Old Town Kopitiam Mamak.

My first meal after touching down Melbourne was Petaling Street. It was around 9 when we arrived and we were worried that the restaurant is already closed, but my bro in law told us no need to worry because this restaurant open until 3 AM. The real malaysian style! When I reached the restaurant and looked at the menu, I felt like home.

Malaysian Food is never complete without their chilli condiment - Sambal and to soothe your burning mouth, a cup of icy cold Teh Tarik (Milk Tea) will do the job.

We had the delicious Petaling Street Style Steam rice roll ($5.80), served with the perfect sweet dark sauce.

 Then, we had the Herbal Chicken Soup, it was rich with ginseng flavour. It's perfect to warm up the body in Melbourne's freezing weather. (Sorry I forgot how much this soup cost)

The Mamak Mie Goreng ($8.90) was so good and it's really authentic. Back in Malaysia this is a very popular Hawker type spicy egg noodles. What you'll find in this plate of noodle are seafood, chicken, bean curd and bean shoots. We ended up ordering one more plate of this yummy fried noodle, because one is just not enough.

We also had their Asam Laksa ($9.90). Another popular hawker food in Malaysia. The thick vermicelli noodle is served with cucumber, red onion, pineapple in hot sour fish soup. Even though, the flavour was there but we found the soup too thick and overpowering.

Lastly, we had the Cuttlefish Salad. I have not seen this dish in Sydney. This is a very unique salad only to be found in Malaysia. The boiled Cuttlefish was served with water spinach topped with peanuts and dark sweet sauce which I have no idea what it's made of, but it was really delicious, taste exactly like those back in Malaysia. So glad to find it here in Petaling Street!

Next day while walking around the Melbourne city, me and my husband found another Malaysian franchise restaurant purely by chance. Nested inside QV square is the Old town Kopitiam Mamak. Famous for their milk coffee, milk tea as well as their traditional Malaysian food, my husband and I made a stop here. Even though we were still feeling full from lunch, we just couldn't go pass this place.

My husband had their special Old Town Teh C Special 3 Colour tea ($3.90). The drink consists of layers of tea, milk and brown palm sugar

I tried the Ice Cendol ($6.00). Ice cendol is a refreshing drink with a blend of brown palm sugar, red bean, green jelly coconut milk and shaved ice. But this cendol was quite dissapointing, the coconut milk was too thick. I guess we can never find cendol that is as good as the one in Malaysia, because the coconut milk in Australia is mostly packaged, where in Malaysia they serve it with fresh coconut milk which taste so much lighter and fresher.

Finally, one of my favourite food - Roti canai ($4.50). The roti canai is definitely the best I've had in Australia, my husband actually thought it is even better than the one he had in Malaysia. The bread was crispy and it had the perfect texture and flavour. We were not surprise it's this good, because it's made by the real Mamak (Tamil Muslims of Malaysian nationality), who is known for their specialty in making roti canai.

I couldn't be happier with our meals in these two restaurants. Now, the question is "When are they going to open a branch in Sydney?". I'm highly anticipating for the day to come!

Petaling Street
600 Station St, Box Hill 
Melbourne 3000
Ph:(03) 9890 0972
Level 2, Shop 11, QV Square
QV Building
Melbourne 3000
Ph: (03) 9654 2682


  1. Petaling St is coming to Sydney! Situated along George St (near Ultimo Road). Not sure when they are opening though but I saw the shop under renovation today. :)

  2. Oh really? Thanks for letting me know...Now, I don't have to fly all the way to Melbourne to enjoy the Malaysian delicacies! =)

  3. It is open, I am heading there next week :)

  4. I've started going to Petaling Street (haymarket) restaurant for lunch. BUT NO MORE!!!!


    Their staff sat me down and took my order
    She left my table and when she came back she moved me to another seat.
    I sat there WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING AND WAITING for my food to arrive. I finally left and at the check out, I told the staff that my food never arrived. The girl there said that she did not put my order through... WHICH MEANS I WAS WAITING & WAITING & WAITING & WAITING & WAITING & WAITING wasting my lunch break for nothing. I GOT NO APPOLOGY and thanks to Petaling Street staff I went back to work with an empty stomach. I did not realise I'm suppose to run after every single staff there and tell them my order and hope it will get passed down to the kitchen!!! VERY BAD CUSTOMER SERVICE!!!! IF YOU WANT FOOD THERE, TELL EVERY SINGLE STAFF THERE YOUR ORDER OR YOU WILL SPEND YOUR TIME WAITING FOR NOTHING!!!!