Pacific Seafood BBQ House, Melbourne

My Favourite Chinese Restaurant in Melbourne

The first time I came to Pacific Seafood BBQ House (mostly known as Pacific House) was probably 3 years ago. It was also the first time I had their Singapore Chilli Lobster. Since then, I've been longing to come back and have their lobster again. I've came back for other dishes but not the lobster so, before I fly to Melbourne last week, I asked my sister to make a booking because, I need to have their Singapore Chilli Lobster badly! Actually, apart from the Lobster everything else is really good too.

This is a very popular chinese restaurant among the Melbournians. You can expect long queues most of the time. Hence, booking is highly recommended. Food is superb and fairly priced. Service is really fast too, however don't expect any friendly service here.

This meal is a very special meal for me, as we were celebrating my sister, her husband and my birthday. It was a birthday fiesta! 

We had one of their very popular dishes, The deep fried chicken covered with salted egg yolk. This is so good! but like my brother in law said, this is the perfect recipe to heart attack, high in fat and salt. But we couldn't care any less, it was too good to say no to.

We also ordered the Venison meat, I think it was stir fry with ginger and shallot (I wasn't paying much attention when my sister made the order). The Venison meat was unbelievably tender. Even some of the fine dining restaurants couldn't achieve tenderness like this.

Pacific House is also popular for their BBQ pork and roast pork.

We ordered a garlic stir fry vegetable to balance our heavy dishes.

Then, we had the legendary Singapore Chilli Lobster! The sauce was so tasty, accompanied with Chinese thin egg noodle, it was heaven in my mouth! This Singapore Chilli sauce can be cooked with crab too.

My sister bought us a birthday cake from Laurent Patisserie. It was a chocolate and passionfruit mousse cake. The chocolate was rich, the passionfruit was sweet and sour but refreshing at the same time. Yum!

Please note: All the dishes were priced around twenties, except the lobster which was pretty pricey. It was $365. We didn't expect the lobster to cost so much, but we all agreed that it worth every dollar of our money.

Overall, I love this restaurant, food was really good, price is reasonable (except for the lobster). Hence, one of my favourite place to dine and for many Melbournians too.

Pacific Seafood BBQ House
1/210 Toorak Rd
South Yarra 
Ph: (03) 9826 3838

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