Central Baking Depot, Sydney

Tart O Tart, How I Love Thee!

Central Baking Depot located just few steps away from my office (at Erskien St), run by the same company that runs Bourke Street Bakery, I always know there's lots of great stuff to be found inside, from hearty meat pies to freshly baked bread and mouth watering cakes/pastries. I didn't know why I never make a stop there until last week.

Last week, me and my friend (LW) made a trip there because I needed to get some breads. I was blown away by the smell of the freshly baked breads/pastries the moment I stepped into this French style bakery shop. I bought myself  an almond croissant and my friend bought a fig and burberry tart. 

When LW offered me half of her tart, I told her I'll have a quarter and gave another quarter to my other friend. The three of us were WOW-ing  over it. It was so delicious! quarter is not enough. So we made it a point to go back for more this week.


So this week, I bought one fig and burberry tart for myself. Encased in a delicious buttery pastry is the perfect caramalised fig and some very small blueberry alike fruit (Not sure if it's really called burberry, as I always thought burberry is just a brand). This tart is such a down to earth treat with no complicated flavour. We fell in love!

Then, I got another Plum and pear tart to try. This is definitely another brilliant treat to indulge in. The puff pastry case was pretty flaky, with ripe plum and pear in the middle. There was also a thin layer of custard cream that adds an additional texture to the tart. This is a great dessert without being overpowering.


Central Baking Depot is a must try for bakery lover. 
Such an affordable and simple pleasure that could live up your day.
Other equally delicious treats are the Almond Croissant and the Chocolate & Pear Tart.


  1. is it close to wynyard station? looks like I need to make a trip down there...hehe

  2. Yeah, if you come out from Wynyard station on kent st, you turn left, then first traffic light you go right, you shld be able to see the shop. The pies are really nice too!