Cakes By Helen, Chinatown

My Perfect Treat on Saturday Morning

While walking along the Chinatown Night Market on Friday, I couldn't help but noticed this new bakery shop,'Cakes by Helen'. Not sure what really caught my attention, maybe it was the blue signage or the brightness from the shop or maybe because of the cakes on display near the entrance, anyway I was just drawn by it. So I decided to go in and check out if there's anything worth trying.

First impression was everything looks delicious, there were many different kind of breads and cakes to choose from. I was tossing between this and that until I laid my eyes on the colourful mini Swiss Rolls with 8 different flavours. In my mind, I thought,"This would be the perfect treat when I wake up tomorrow morning". 
With a grin on my face I went to the counter and pay, thinking how would these mini rolls taste like.

Just by looking at the colours, it wasn't hard to guess the flavours. There were butter, mango, chocolate, strawberry, taro, coffee, green tea and black sesame. Even though they were not as good as the one I like from Grand Taipei Bakery (Melbourne), they were not bad either. I like it because it was light and soft, but I would prefer if it is just a litte less sweet and has less cream. However, in terms of  flavours they were pretty distinct and tasty.

In conclusion, despite the attractive colours, are these mini rolls any good? Will I buy them again?
Yes, I will definitely buy them again if I'm in Chinatown.

Cakes by Helen
45 DixonSt
NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9212 3818


  1. haha did you eat all 8 of them ?!?

  2. Yeah this is the one I told you earlier. Nice right?
    I had these at least 3 times already.....
    The sponge is really it.....

  3. Hey Obesebaby, sorry didnt get a chance to answer ur ques...Err yes hahaha

    Ellisa: Oh is this the one??? I actually didn't know this is the one...It proved again that we always like the same food hahaha...