Mizuya + Chinatown Night Market, Sydney

Could E-ordering Be The Next Big Thing In Restaurants?

Most Sydneysiders should have heard of Mizuya Japanese Restaurant and Karaoke by now, a place where you can have a unique dining experience and karaoke at the same time. With this new era of Technology and Eshopping, Mizuya has also adopted the concept of E-ordering with their touch screen menu. I personally think it's a very smart way of improving speed and efficiency of the restaurant but also allows customers to take their time deciding on what to order without having the pressure of someone standing waiting for us while we make up our mind.

Some of the reasons why I like Mizuya are the fact that they have small little cubicles that separate each table, also the fact that service is really fast and they serve delicious Japanese food.

Yesterday after work, me and my husband had around 3 hours to kill before heading to Entertainment Centre for a concert. So our first stop was Mizuya.
(Left) Pork Belly Kushiyaki $5.80
(Centre) Garlic Shoot with Beef Kushiyaki $5.80
(Right) 2 portions of Chicken Fillet Kushiyaki $4.80

Chicken Karaage $6.80

Spicy Soft Shell Crab $7.80

I think their Marbled Beef is my favourite in Mizuya. Served on hot plate, the meat was really tender, sweet and buttery in flavour.

BBQ Marbled Beef Steak $14.80

We also had the simple Takana Pickles Fried Rice that was a good accompaniment to the dishes.

Takana Pickles Fried Rice $10.90

Dinner was finished and we still had almost 2 hours to kill, so we decided to slowly make our way down to the Chinatown night market with a mission of getting their Japanese pancake that I've been craving for.

Queueing in front of the stall and with a Takoyaki  & Okonomiyaki Stall just beside it,  I felt like I was suddenly transported to Japan. As much as I wanted to try the Takoyaki too, the queue was just impossible, there was minimum 25 people lining up all the time. Maybe next time...

 There were many flavours to choose from, such as green tea, taro, custard, cheese and red bean. The choice was obvious it gotta be...
green tea. 

Then, we continued exploring the night market before heading to the concert.

614 George St
Sydney NSW 2000
Ph: (02) 9266 0866

Open every Friday from 4pm to 11pm
Find out how to get there here

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