Dinner @ Sydney Indulgence

Last weekend, my husband and I were invited to a very special dinner. We were really looking forward for the dinner because it wasn't just a simple friends gathering dinner, but it was a special dinner hosted by my fellow dessert blogger 'Sydney Indulgence' and her husband (F and A), who happened to be a very close friend of ours. After salivating over the desserts I've seen on her blog all this while, I was particularly excited for the desserts.

With the cosy ambience of their home as well as a customised 3 course menu printed for the night (just like the one you find in restaurants), I felt like walking in to a private restaurant reserved specially just for us. It was a quite and intimate dinner, not only was the food delicious, the conversation and the company were great too.

Starter: German Brown Sourdough with French Butter. 
What could be better than having a warm sourdough with a quality French butter? The answer is 'Nothing'.

Entree: Stuffed Zucchini Flowers
F told me that this Zucchini Flowers were inspired by Jamie Oliver. Stuffed with Ricotta cheese, parmesan, mint, chillies and lemon, she has definitely made Jamie Oliver proud with this dish, as it was really delicious. My husband who is usually very conservative with his food agreed that this crispy zucchini flower was a 5 star food. I would recommend you guys to try out this dish, I'm sure it won't be hard to find the recipe online.

Main: Organic Duck Fillet Pasta 
The Fettuccine was cooked in duck sauce, accompanied with a well marinated organic duck and ceps wild mushroom. It was the first time me and my husband heard of ceps mushroom. The mushroom was really rich in flavour and creamy in texture.

Side Dish: Caramalised Baby Carrots
F can reads my mind, because carrot is my favourite! These lovely orange vegetables were roasted with thymes and garlics.

Side dish: Oven-roasted Truffle Chips
Everybody loves chips! F has reinvented the traditional chips by adding some truffle oil, which gave a nice earthy flavour to the incredibly crispy chips.
We were surprised by the crispiness of the potatoes and F told us that she bought the potatoes from Eveleigh market, I forgot what's the name of the potato but she told us that there are so many different type of gourmet potatoes available at the market. I think I should really make a trip there to check out all the goodies.

**Drum roll** Finally the most anticipated moment of the night, F serving what she is best at...Desserts.
There was not only one dessert, there were two!The desserts for the night were:
Vanilla Creme Brulee with Passionfruit and Pecan & Chocolate Tart.

The Vanilla Creme brulee with Passionfruit really suits my taste bud, as it's not overly sweet with a hint of sourness and freshness of passionfruit. It was a refreshing dessert to complete the meal. 
Find the recipe of this sweet and sour dessert here.

Then came the Pecan and Chocolate Tart served with creme fraiche on the side. The original recipe was to use golden syrup but F replaced it with maple syrup which worked really well, as me and my husband love maple syrup. With the goodness of chocolate and nuts on top of a buttery pastry, this was a dessert worthy of those hours spent in the gym.
If you like to try this recipe, you can find it here.

Thanks to Sydney Indulgence (F) and her husband (A) for their warmest and most generous hospitality. 
The dinner was excellent and it has certainly inspired me to try out new recipes and open up my abandoned Jamie Oliver cookbook. 

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  1. Glad that you both enjoyed the food & our company =)
    Wait till you pick up your abandoned cookbook & cook a feast, then my cooking will become an embarrasing history.