Buck-Me Jellicoe Noodle, Kingsford

I personally think that Buck-Me Jellicoe Noodle in Kingsford served the best Indonesian noodle in Sydney. Over the past 8 years this shop has closed and re opened for the 4th times. However, it has always been very popular among the Indonesian community. I'm not sure why they have closed so many times but I believed they always re opened due to the high demand by the Indonesian community. I was really thrilled when I found out that they were reopening in Kingsford few months back. I really hope this time they won't close it again.

 Jellicoe special minced pork noodle ($9.00).

 Jellicoe special chicken noodle ($8.50)
Both served with choice of noodle, soya egg, soya giblet, wonton and vege served with clear soup.

I really like their signature minced pork and chicken egg noodle, it has a very nice texture and the flavour of their soya broth is really authentic. If you are feeling extra hungry you can even upsize for an extra $3.00.

  Deep Fried meat ball. ($1.50)

This is definitely my favourite noodle restaurant in Sydney!

522 Anzac Parade
Kingsford, NSW 2032
Ph: (02) 9662 0007

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