Wow Bulgogi, Kensington

When it's so cold outside, there's nothing more comforting than having a sizzling hot meal. So on Friday night, me and my husband decided to try out the new Korean BBQ restaurant in Kensington. As explained in the menu 'Bul' means fire, 'Gogi' means meat.  Bulgogi is a unique way to have Korean style barbeque which has been enjoyed by the korean people for thousands of years. Also, they named the restaurant 'Wow Bulgogi' because they want to hear the word "Wow" when the customers experience their food and services. So far service was a Wow, the staffs were very fast and attentive.

My husband and I settled with their BBQ set menu A. For $45 you will get SoGalbi (marinated beef ribs), Bulgogi (marinated tender sliced beef), Samgyubsal (pork belly), Ox tongue and Jelbi (lean beef skirt). Everything was good except the Ox tongue, the cut was too thin and hard in texture.

Set menu A $45.00

To balance our meal, we ordered the Haemil Soon Dubu. A hot and spicy soup made with tofu, seafood, egg and vegetable. The soup was thick and pretty rich with seafood flavour, with lots of ingredients to be found.

Haemil Soon Dubu $12.00

Like all Korean restaurants, we were served with array of condiments and sauces to compliment our meal.

When we came, the restaurant was half full, but by the time we finished our meal it was a full house. I guess Wow bulgogi has become the local's favourite Korean restaurant, not that there's many to be found around the area. But is always good to have an additional restaurant to choose from. Just remember, not to wear your best dress here.

Wow Bulgogi
174 Anzac parade
Kensginton NSW 2033
Ph: (02) 9697 9282

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