Mum's cooking

"Home cooked meal is the best because it's full of love and nutrition".  

Today's post is about my appreciation to mum's cooking, not only to my mum, but to all the mums/dads out there that always try to provide a homey comfort to their family simply by cooking a meal.

The world's best meal for me is definitely my mum's cooking, because it's full of love. Mum's cooking always shine as the best. Today is my first night without my parents' company (after one and a half month) as they left Sydney this afternoon. It was hard to come back to an empty house once again. I know I'm going to miss their company and of course my mum's cooking too. 

I believe my love of food came from my mum, she introduced me to the wonderful world of food. I still remember when we were young, she tried to handmade everything we wanted to eat just because it's healthier, from donut to burger, from biscuit to cake. She also taught me to be creative (not that I am), as she invented so many dishes that only can be found in her kitchen.Thanks to mum, I grew up to appreciate food even more, both the enjoyment of it and the social aspect of it. 

 Only in my mum's kitchen: Radish & Shrimp Ball

 One of the great things about mum's cooking is, there's never rush or panic. She always make it looks so easy.

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