Chikyu-Ya, Bondi Junction

So what do you do when you are at home by yourself? My husband tends to finish work quite late, so I usually reach home before him. I normally start my evening by preparing dinner and once I finished, I will find something to entertain myself, let it be watching TV, reading, photo editing, browsing or blogging! So today, while waiting for him to come home, I chose to do some blogging. 

Today, I'd like to share one of my favourite neighbourhood restaurants in Sydney.  I'm quite confident to say that this place has one of the best Chicken Karaage in Sydney, definitely the best for me and my husband!
The Karaage is a cross between Japanese fried chicken and Kentucky! Yes, you read me right...It's the Japanese version of Kentucky. It never fails to amuse me how tasty their karaage is. So what is the magic behind this tastiest chicken?  I wish I have the answer. But, just like Kentucky they definitely have their own secret herbs and spices that they use to marinate the chicken. 

I'm not sure about their other dishes, but if you are a big fan of chicken Karaage, then this is a MUST VISIT place for you.

Seaweed Salad  $8.00

Gyoza (5 pcs)  $7.00

Fresh Sashimi  (9 pcs) $10.00

Chef's special dinner box (serve with rice and miso soup)  $20.00

*Drum roll* And here comes my favourite chicken karaage with curry sauce.

 Chicken Karaage with Curry Sauce $14.00

Overall, I think Chikyu-Ya is a must visit place for their Chicken Karaage. 
Exceptional flavour with reasonable price.


  1. wah....i think i can smell the goodness of the karaage just from loooking at your photos. can you take me there next time when we go there pleaseeeE? great photos and reviews

  2. i agree that chikyuya's karaage is one of the best! btw, which camera do you use? brand/model? i am impressed your photo too!

  3. Hi there,

    Thank you =)
    I used Canon 5D Mark II. Love this camera!