Four Ate Five, Surry Hills

An Artsy Fartsy Saturday Brunch

Before heading to NSW Art Gallery for the First Emperor exhibition, me and my husband decided to head down to the Artsy Fartsy Surry Hills for a nice brunch. Without having any place in mind, we somehow ended up parking in front of Four Ate Five on a really busy crown street. The long queue convinced us perhaps this is a place to try. So we put our name down and we waited patiently for about half an hour before scoring a table.

We were seated comfortably inside the cafe and like most cafes along Surry Hills, this place has some nice pieces of paintings and drawings that fit right to the ambience and trendy patrons.

Although they have a pretty wide selections of breakfast and lunch menu to choose from, but me and my husband stick to our typical breakfast choice. I ordered the smoked salmon and mushrooms in addition to my favourite scrambled eggs served with organic sourdough. Where as my husband had the poached egg also served with organic sourdough. He also had an additional sausage, bacon and mushrooms to complete his big meal.

Omelette served with organic sourdough $8.50
Additional: Smoked salmon $4.00 and Mushrooms $3.00

Omelette served with organic sourdough $8.50
Additional: Bacon $3.50, Sausage $3.50, Mushrooms $3.00

We thought the mushroom was brilliantly cooked! It was juicy and it has a sweet after taste that made it so different and the sourdough was perfectly crusty and they were well complemented with the melting butter.

Overall, I think Four Ate Five is worth giving a try and definitely worth coming back. It will be even better if we do not need to queue.

485 Crown Street
Surry Hills - Sydney
Ph: 02 9698 6485

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